A New Crating Level !









Best tailor-made approach


With AZUR PACK, each detail is designed to stick to your needs and bring a proper solution to every packing matters.

Our 500 mworkshop, founded in 2015, allows us to provide incomparable packing solutions to our customers in the French Riviera.


Crates made for transport


We are experts in crating services. Safely pack and move antiques, artworks, personal effects & industrial materials, is our top priority.

Plywood crates, open crates, shuttle crates, seaway crates, museum crates, storage crates : we supply a full range of products and services you may need.



Our tailor-made pallets are manufactured on-demand in order to match a precise need. Depending on the nature of your goods, the size and weight, we create the perfect pallet for your transport.

Each order can be placed in small, medium or large quantity. Our pallets are all NIMP15 treated. 


Dangerous goods


Regarding dangerous goods packing and transport, AZUR PACK is IATA, IMDG and ADR certified. Meaning your packages will be able to travel by air, road or sea either ways. 

Your own packing style


We are experts on inner and outer wrapping and packing. We use technical foam to wedge your material in place inside the crate. 
We can also propose special cutting so that the foam perfectly suits the shape of your object. Exactly the way a jeweler would wrap your necklace up.

Each package is strictly marked to be able to being traced and easily identified. You can even add your own touch to this process by providing your logotype or any specific mention from your company branding.


947 Chem. des Iscles, 06700 Saint-Laurent-du-Var


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